Savannah Distillery Ale House is unique in that it was created because of the building’s history, as a homage to a previous era …This beautiful historic building has an amazing story, some known and some yet to be discovered. What we do know is that this property is located in one of Savannah’s original Wards – Elbert Square. What is left of the square itself is the small patch of grass with a bench located on Montgomery St.

According to the date on the front facade, the building was renovated in 1902 and then from 1904 till 1907 the building was operated as Louisville and Kentucky Distilling Companies. These were times when the Temperance Movement was sweeping the nation. Alcohol was dispersed for medicinal purposes only. Still there were dirty little rumors of bathtub gin being distilled and homemade beer being brewed on our 2nd floor.

By 1911, the building became Freich’s Liberty Street Pharmacy. Locals loved to gather and meet with their friends at the lunch counter and soda fountain. Following the pharmacy’s closing, the building was home to various businesses, including the well known Taylor Furniture Company.

After being captivated by the building’s history, the Volen Family decided to breathe new life into this brick beauty…Using a photo of an 1895 saloon as inspiration, the back bar was crafted and features an antique copper still. The front bar top was milled in Maryland from one single mahogany tree. During renovation various artifacts were unearthed: horseshoes (mounted on top of back bar), musket balls, bones, clay pipes and liquor bottles. One such bottle, we refer to as the “tis bottle”, was dated by the Coastal Heritage Society as being from 1785-1795. Later, during more renovations on the 2nd floor, we discovered a wall and staircase of Old Savannah Brick as well as uncovering three fireplaces. This area is now a private events venue, suitably known as The Speakeasy.

Michael and Lori Volen – Proprietors
Jennifer Fenoy – General Manager

Open: 7 days a week at 11:00 a.m.
912-236-1772 416 West Liberty Street, Savannah, GA